Site Donations
Basic Donations
Basic Donations are an in-expensive way to make a contribution to Ombreterres Chat. By making a basic donation, you are eligible for possible drawings, promotions, and priveleged updates about new features the site has to offer.
Price: US 2.50$
Advanced Donations
Advanced donations are an in-expensive way of obtaining 15 megabytes of homepage space along with access to a virtually unlimted amount of galleries. A donation awards you with one year of use with additional years may be acquired for the same rate.
Price: US 10.00$
Advanced Donations
Miscellaneous donations are an alternative to the basic and advanced options. Special donation requests can be handled in this manner. Contact us for more information.

Donations that exceed the current options extend your priveleges. For example; a donation of 50$ will allow you to have your webspace for five years.
Price: US Variable
Quick Help

Of course we understand that not everyone is capable of using the PayPal system or even making a monetary donation. If you wish to send money, hardware, or even offer your time to help Ombreterres Realms in any way, please contact us.

Note: Alternate arrangements can be made for donations through mail for example. Once again contact us for more details on such arrangements.

Note: Also note that donations above the US 2.50$ mark will mark you as a verified user. This only applies to donations through PayPal and only for donations of that amount or greater.