What is Ombreterres?  Why it is a gateway to another world.  A place lost to reality.  A shadowland.  Within these walls resides worlds of your imagination.  Spirits that will guide you through your stay here.  But my dear traveler beware.  For those that visit the Ombreterres sometimes never come back.

There are so many places lost in the Ombreterres.  Bygone Era's Fictional Realities Gods and Monsters Heroes, Sithen, Talamasca and much much please step inside but don't forget to light a candle dear ones.  If you loose your way...we might not be able to find you in our corridors...

If you look to the left you'll find some helpful places you can go.  Places that will tell you the laws that must be obeyed.  It will give you a run down on the Citizens who dwell in the Ombreterres.  Places you can request a Realm to create your own Reality.  For we all need our own Realities sometimes.

Enjoy your stay here dear readers and remember...sometimes it's not the dark you need to be afraid of.